Workout While You Learn!

Another Benefit Of Working From Home!
Being able to get in shape while I learn!

The Problem:
If you work at home, you may be worried about gaining weight and getting out of shape. Most of us are but we can get in shape or stay in shape with just a bit of planning and effort!

The Solution:

Start exercising while you work. For example, you can easily ride an exercise bicycle while you watch training videos or talk on the phone.

How it works:

I simply purchased an exercise bicycle (similar to a Schwin Aerodyne(TM) and placed it in front of my computer station. So when I am on the phone or watching videos, I work out! Then when I am done working out, I simply wheel the bicycle unit out of the way and bring back my chair!

Needed equipment:
* An exercise bicycle
* A wireless headset for your computer or phone

Do you have similar experiences? Add them here!

My best business and work at home ideas to you,
John Davin

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