What is a Webinar and why do you need to give Webinars?

Let’s start with the basics.

A Webinar is a virtual conference room, where you can meet with one or hundreds of people, to chat, share web sites, videos, presentations and more, and record the entire event to share over and over for years into the future, so it can sell for you 24/7 on autopilot!

A Webinar is a powerful sales and training tool because it allows you to enter a virtual conference room and:

  • Talk (in your voice)
  • Share Pictures
  • Share Web Sites
  • Share Videos
  • Share Power Point(TM) Presentations
  • You can even share any application on your computer, such as Excel, Word, etc.

Here are just a few of the benefits of Webinars:

  • You can invite and meet with people across town or the globe
  • You save the cost of travel, for you and those who attend your Webinar
  • You can build your mailing list with Webinars and use some of the software
  • You can share all the software on your computer as well as videos, presentations and documents
  • You can record your Webinar and then place it on Youtube, your blog, or even a CD for distribution

How it works:

Once you have your topic set, you  set a time and a date for the Webinar. Then invite your clients to visit the Web Site where they can enter the Webinar, which is a virtual conference (meeting) room on the Internet.

Once visitors enter the virtual conference room, you make a presentation complete with your voice, slides, software and visits to web sites of interest.

Follow up with a question and answer session, and then take the visitors to your purchase page where they can buy your product or service, and you’ve just completed your seminar. But this seminar was via the Internet, so nobody had to drive to the seminar, or have an excuse that it’s too far to drive to attend.

As mentioned, another benefit of a Webinar is that it can be easily recorded and shared over and over in the future. Yes, you heard that right. You can even record the entire event for future training or sales, or turn the recording into an short info-commercial.

Once you have the recording completed, you can then distribute it to your prospects in a variety of new ways. Honestly, it is as simple as providing a link to the recording on a web site, such as Facebook or Youtube.  Or sending a link to it in e-mail. Or you can place it on a CD or DVD and hand it to someone or send it in the mail. You can give it a way for free or charge for it. Your new info-commercial can be an educational tool that sells for you or a seminar that is sold to generate income. That’s up to you.

As you can see, whether you are in business or starting a new business, this is a good time to be in business because the computer and the Internet are the most powerful tools ever invented for business. In fact, with Webinar technology, the Internet can be your new office!

So stop standing on the sidelines. JOIN US TODAY!

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