How To Close The Sale At The End Of The Webinar!

So, what is the main goal of your Webinar? Usually the goal is to CLOSE THE SALE! What’s the best way to do that at the end of the Webinar? Let me show you!

At the end of the Webinar, take the customer RIGHT TO YOUR ORDER PAGE FOR YOUR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES, and ask the questions.

1. Do you have any questions at this time?
2. Is there any reason you would not buy this product or service right now?

If they have any questions, now is a great time to answer them. Especially since you are at your computer and have access to all the information you need, right at your fingertips!

You have access to your records on your computer.

  • You have access to your software on your computer.
  • You have access to the Internet to look at your web site for details.
  • You have access to a phone to call whoever you need to call.

Best of all, you have tools at your disposal to close the sale, through your Webinar room!

      • You have access to your company web site, and can share it.
      • You have access to other web sites for the answers, and can share it.
      • You have access to your Power Point Presentations, can can share them.
      • You have access to company videos and can share them.You can even show the customer how to complete the order.Webinars make selling easy, yes?Then get started today!

My best business ideas to you,
John Davin